Hi young people!

Youthful.social comes as a friendly platform for young people to share and exchange their ideas and experiences about cultural, education, environment, youth movement and community issues through website, event and community. This platform is initiated and designed by the alumni of AIYEP 2014/2015 as a joint Post Program Activity (PPA) in the purpose of bringing together the young people in Indonesia, Australia and Global to actively participate in the future development by raising their awareness towards cross cultural understanding through the discussions of the related issues on online platform, through youthful event with youthful.social community in each provinces. 

Then, what is AIYEP?

For those who have no idea about AIYEP, we’d be happy to let you know. 

As AIYEP stands for Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, it will probably give a little bit enlightenment. Yes! AIYEP is an annual youth exchange program that is conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia cooperating with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. This youth exchange let 36 young people coming from Australia and Indonesia to experience real professional and social environment in these two countries by providing work placement and host family. The people and people contact has successfully built cross cultural understanding among the people involved in this program and it reflects to the relationship that these people have during and after the program.


We are AIYEP alumni 2014/2015 or usually called AIYEP 33 deliriously excited to initiate youthful.social as part of harnessing the values we learnt and experiences we encountered during the program and part of “give back” to the society after the completion of the program. We make a conscious endeavor to perpetuate the cultural mutual-understanding of both countries through youthful.social and make it viral that youth form all over the world would have vicarious experience.  Coming from different provinces with different cultures, we learn how to raise our awareness towards cross cultural understanding and implement that during the program in order to build network among the youth in Indonesia and Australia. And we hope that we can expand youth network all over the world. AIYEP33 consists of 18 young people from 15 provinces, as for Syahrial (Aceh), Chris (West Sumatra), Bayu (Bengkulu), Fajri (Bangka Belitung), Vincent (DKI Jakarta), Hery, Achie, Dilla (West Java), Hanny (Central Java), Vinda, Vena (D.I Yogyakarta), Riyan (West Kalimantan), Vivi (Maluku), Dyan (North Maluku), Adini (South Sulawesi), Wawan (South-East Sulawesi), Zu (Central Sulawesi), Scivo (Papua). 

Participating Volunteers

Youthful.social welcomes volunteers from all over Indonesia to work with. This platform has recruited talented and professional youth representing 12 provinces including Aceh, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Jogjakarta, West Kalimantan, South-east Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua. These volunteers will participate in community and website system continuously so that youthful.social can be well-developed and reach its goals in the future.

Youthful.social Community

Syahrial Umar


Cut Ganis

Rizqan K.


Nurul Q.

Riska K

Yayuk S.

Rahmah I

Najmul Fajri

Rizky A.

Siti W.

Insan R.

Yuda S.



Rachmawati H.

Lailatul Q.

Tomi S.


Khoti M. D.

Jefri E.

Muharram R.

Bayu Tri Anugrah

Lyanda F.

Liona A.

Rosa N.

Septyara L.

Astri W.

Andrian D.

Nia A.

Humam A.

Hanny A. Suriyah

Irlinza Farah E.

Winda A. U.

Meiza H. P.

Muhammad Fadhil R.

Arno J.

Evan T.

Hery Herdiyana

Christiani Sagala

Firly M.

Munti R.

Diah D. D.


Wilson C.

Betharia R.


Fitriani J.

Nindia S.

David Y. P,


Dede I.

Christian T.

Nyanyu H.

Gita A.

Raja Riza A.P.

Widya A.

Lutfia F. N. 

Gusti Chysta S. I.

Anggarani F.

Vinda Hanifah

Fransiska Vena

Utami Putri K.

Karina Oriza H.

Eni Sukmawati I.

Haprinda S.

Rizky Eka S.

Amalina N.

Rifqi Muhammad R.

Wisnu P.

Astika P.S.W.

Satriya Ade N.

Diah Z.N.

Andi Adini Thahira I.

A. Ahmad Hasan T.

A. Adinda Imran

A. Saifullah S.

Aditya P.

Amelia P. N.

Bama Andika P.

Chaerunnisa A.R.

Chandra S. S.

Dedi Gunawan S.

Dewa Sagita A. N.

Fahirah U. M.

Faisal A.

Handi N.

Hery Z.

Muh. Mulki A. S. 

Mutiah W. J.

Novi Fitria S.

Novianto D. A.

Nur Hafidza T.

Nuraqsha A. H.

Rezky R.

Rini Ariani S.

Rizki S.

Verawati D.

Waode S. D.

Wildan R. N.

M. Rudini

Muhammad Kurniawan


Syamsar O.

Muh. Zulkarnain M.

M. Alfaqri R.

Muh. Iryansyah N.

Fatkhul Manan

Asrun Laksana

Hermawan A. S.

M. Rezal

Rizky Wulan A.

M. Ichwan


Linda A. R. P.

Siti Fuadilla Alchumaira

Lasmi T. Raspati

Aziz A.R.

M. Unin 

Catharina D.

Rahayu N.

M. Iqbal

Fitri R.

Laras S.

Ni Luh Putu M.

Gracia A.

Dwi Riyan


Elisa A.

Nuzulul D.


Nurmala S.





Guzti R.

M. Yunus