"Empowomen : Find your drive"

Written by Fadilla Soraya Isfahani 2018-03-06 13:10:54

At the second meeting in empowomen, we learned about "Find Your Drive". Still on social issues, skills and also leadership.

First, all of us try to brainstorm and write down what the problems are in Lampung and also in the world, we write them in groups. Then, we explain why we think its become a problem then change those words into an opportunity. Then we continue to provide solutions and a picture of what we can do to solve the problem. In this session, we taught to be more responsive and sensitive to the issues around us and to hone our critical thinking, when we say its a problem, means we must be know how to solve it as well.

Next, we learn about skills. Skills are divided into three, namely:

a. Transferable skills

Skills that can be applied not only in one job

b. Job-related skills

Skills that are specifically used for only one job

c. Adaptive skills

More personal skills show the character / character of a person

After we know what skills are, we should write down whatever skills we have and share to other friends. Well this is what I loved from empowomen, we are taught to be more confident by writing all the skill that we have and how to introduce ourselves to recognize others is unique, at the second meeting of the introductory, it was more deelpy conversation. Beside being a listener, we are able to appraise and understand others that Make us easy to work in team in the future.

And at the end, we learn about leadership. Why should we learn about leadership? Because, the success or failure of a project and team is depends on how match the leadership style of the leader with his team members.

There are 8 leadership styles, and from these characteristics I know that I am as the contributor, person who loves to teach, empathy, build teams and discover the talents of his team members. After we know this leadership style, we write down the potential strength, weakness, blind spot and write down the ideal character of a leader.

From this second meeting, I learned about:

I do not know that much I still have to keep learning, the more I recognize myself, the more I feel confident in every day.

Honestly, I often say to my friends if:

"I have a social problem", "I'm not a good friends", "I do not trust to start friendship", "I do not have anything for others, I'm not beautiful, I am not rich, surely you do not want to be my friends" , "My organization is lacking, I'm nothing".

Yep, I am tipically person who always say arrogant (The impression of others when first time  saw me would not be good, even I was in senior high school my senior was mad to me until I cried because when I was in orientation I did a lot of style and arogant). Because of that incident, gradually I feel not confident and thought that no one will be my friends. Though it's already a congenital face born and even when I've smile was still wrong because his junior is  always wrong and seniors are always right. Hmmm

But honestly after joining the empowomen I gradually just find the potential in me, I'm not that so bad, it turns out I can also like the cool people, more confident be more friendship,  more grateful, and more humble because the road for being a great person is still long, I have even not reached a half way.

Thank you all the facilitators, I am so grateful could be part of empowomen.