5 Things to Do in Loksado

Written by James Kusnandi 2016-05-06 07:39:30

Located 5 hours away from the bustling City of Banjarmasin, lies a small village that nestles within the Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency; Loksado. Perfect for a short getaway, Loksado offers the traveler peace and tranquility not found quietest not greenest areas of the city, yet still filled with enough activities to quench any adventurers thirst. Fortunate to have stayed at the Meratus Resort, the participants were strategically placed at the heart of fun and relaxation. Awaking to an irresistible river every morning, it's hard not to take a sip before the hot evenings, although definitely worth the hold for those to trek the terrain/trails Loksado has to offer.

Without further a due, here are the top 5 things to do in Loksado.

1. Visit the majestic waterfalls

Constructed by Mother Nature herself, Loksado is filled with many waterfalls as (big and small) conveniently placed in almost every direction and is accessible to the public either for a small fee or for free. For those who love long walks, I recommended taking a trip to the Taman Wisata Alam Loksado.

2. Visiting neighbouring villages

Although Loksado can be seen as a small part of Kalimantan, within its proximity consists of a handful of villages that each offers a traditional outlook towards the Indonesian culture. Have a chat with one of the friendly locals and discover how they achieve happiness, or perhaps stop by at a "pen too" (small beef meatballs) carts for a light snack. Venturing into the villages may prove tiring, but at the end of every village comes with a pocket of surprise; a small waterfall.

3. Bamboo/tire rafting

It is possible one of the best activities to do in Loksado. Embrace your inner "pirate-ship" and tackle the rough river currents on a personal bamboo raft, led by the toughest Indonesian bamboo drivers. Head down towards the stream and feast your eyes on a sight hidden from everyone except those who dare challenge the currents. For those adrenaline junkies, why not rent a huge rubber tire and face the currents yourself (Careful, it gets a little "rocky" so keep your bottoms lifted up).

4. Hot springs

Ever wanted to dip yourself into a basin filled with hot water sources naturally from the mountains? Following the one and a half bamboo rafting adventure, just 15minutes from your destination lies a unique hot spring experience that is secluded from the rest of Loksado's residence; Tanuhi hot spring. Head over to the "warung" once you're done for some cool drinks and snacks after a beautiful uplifting hot spring session.

5. Just relax

There is no doubt that Loksado offers many activities for people to do during the day, but it's sometimes important to remember to sit back and just relax. When the night falls, there is definitely nothing better than a walk/sit alongside Meratus Resort’s backyard river while admiring the night stars (and if you're lucky, you may experience the occasional "Mati Lampu" or blackout, amplifying the nights sky).

There you have it, a list of my top 5 things to do in Loksado that filled my time with an experience I'll never forget. As a final tip, come with friends you truly love - they make everything so much better, thanks AIYEP family.