Written by Fita Refinalia 2016-05-09 04:16:09

What is the biggest culinary hobby in Australia? The answer is the Aussie barbecue, or in Australia slang 'barbie'. I think Barbie is so popular because it is an easy way for Australian to socialize with friends and family. All you need just food, fantastic weather, and then make some calls. I guess, for some people, barbie also part of leisure time.

The day we had barbie on the Glebe Park Canberra was the time my friends and I were very tired after Scavenger Hunt. We were so hungry and the smell of Barbie just made it worse because it was smell so good. It was our first time to have real Barbie. The food was pretty simple, bit of beef and chicken sausages or snags (Other slang – Aussies really love to use shortened terms to explain things), two pieces of bread, fried onions, ketchup and chili sauces.

Everyone was really excited and tried to help to cook snags and onions, which not a big help because you just need to poured some olive oil and fried it. I was too tired to help, so I decided to sat down and enjoy the moment. I had many first on that day - first time had Barbie in Australia, first time did city tour in Canberra, and also first time ate lamington cakes, one of popular cake in Australia. I am impressed because in that park there were free facilities to have barbie. I love the fact that everyone took responsibility to took care the facilities and keep all cleaned after finished the Barbie.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was so blue and the trees were so green. We had a perfect weather for barbie, and had a good time, such a perfect leisure.

Friends from Australia Indonesia Youth Association also joined with us and made our barbie more fun. At the end, I could understand why Barbie is a big thing on Australia. It is not just about sharing food, but also sharing good time which priceless.