Becoming A women Leader

Written by Septiyana Sari 2018-03-06 13:38:42

      Saturday, 6th january 2018 bring me to a new experience. Here I learn many things in funny and friendly situation. with another 18 participants of Empowomen  we learn about “ Becoming A ( women ) leader. Empowomen give a platform for us to learn about how to be a good leader from a great people who are experts in their field. The speakers are kak Tia, Kak Tasya, and kak Dila. They come from different background with their own rewards. We learn from those inspiring women. They have a  strong character, strong fighter and potential woman.

     There are many things happen with them before they come into their success. They teach us how to appreciate the process to make us be grateful. There is no such an instant success, because the process will bring you to the new things. To be a good leader they implement the different ways of leadership. Kak tia become a leader who always respect and do personal approach with her team work and involved her team in professional ways. Kak Dila as the women who has many experiences in organization and have a high social sympathy. He thought that sharing is nice and showing of the gratefulness. She is being a leader who always guard her team and respect from the simple things. She give the reward to her employee’s work to be a great leader. Kak Tasya the strong women who faced every bad things happen in her life  and make her become tough in better life then.

     Beside that , we need to develop our skill we have,  choose the option and take a decision of life that will occur the risk. Life is an option , but we have to choose something to do with every possibility that might be come. We have to feel free to do something that we love to do with our passion, but there is always a risk on it. Then I also get a new knowledge about marketing. Doing the marketing there are some ways to make our product have a unique value to be sell compare with another products. They are is Price Work, more , more edit value, and personal customer approach.

      As the  good leader, we should have a good psychology communication with people around us. Give the deadline to support our team do their work based on the expectation or goals and give the empathy and notice with them to make more closer in psychology. A leader should realize that our success comes from many people behind who always give support, it is important to make us respect for someone’s effort and love the process of development. Leader is  not only be a leader for others,   but they must be able to lead themselves  and born a new great leaders. Leaders must be a mediator and a good listener to minimize the fault.

      From those all activities, I got develop in myself . I realize that I live in globalization era with modern  technology and competitive situation. in this activity I get understanding about the social issues that happen in this country and all over the world, it open my eyes to do a small movement that I able to do. So, here where a good leader who knows the necessity of life and movement is needed. This program is a right choice to come forward and go step ahead for learn how to be a good leader and do a good movement.