Believe In Your Dream

Written by Siti Fuadilla 2016-05-06 06:04:23

Dreams do come true!   

What is the best thing by joining Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program? It is a way to reach your dreams. I have dreamed to be Indonesian Ambassador. Now, me and the other 17 participants from all over Indonesia are proudly called as Indonesian Youth Ambassador. It is amazing. We have promoted Indonesia through our routine cultural performance. We have presented Indonesia traditional dance and songs from one stage to another stage. We feel like rock stars at the moment. Hehe. Well, we will do it during the AIYEP in both countries, Australia and Indonesia phase. Another best thing by being a participant of AIYEP is I could get the experience to do courtesy call. We visited parliament and local government. We were welcomed as a state representative. It was an honor for us, and it is such a great experience. Being nation ambassador along with great time, one dream accomplished. 

Through this program, I have a chance to stay in Australia for 2 months. Australia is one of the countries on my “must visit” list. Since I was in high school, I have planned to stay in Australia for study. After 5 years passed, I finally visit Australia and stay here, even though for only 2 months. Now, I am staying in Perth. I am doing courtesy call, home stay, internship and routine cultural performance. Moreover, I can travel to several places in Perth. I call it “all at once” or complete “combo”. I got a good host-family. They are nice and warm. They showed me Australian living culture. I have learnt many things about Australia and its people from them. Then I was placed in great workplace. I have a chance to work in here. In hence, for satisfying my traveling hobby, i visited some good places in Perth, such as Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach, King’s park, Sir James Mitchell Park, Heritage building in South Perth, Perth Zoo and many more. I also have enjoyed Perth’s public transportation like bus, train, and boat. My dream about living abroad and learning about other culture also accomplished! 

Like what I said before, I have planned to study in Australia. Last year, after I had graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran, I tried to get scholarship to study abroad. I looked for many universities in Australia. One of them is The University of Western Australia (UWA). Unfortunately, I failed to get Australia Awards Scholarship last year. But, God is great. Through AIYEP, I was placed in UWA for my internship. I have worked as an assistant of professor in School of Chemistry and Biochemistry of UWA. God’s way is amazing. I have mentioned this university many times in my dream list and now I am here. Although only for very short period in UWA, but nothing better than having a chance to get a lot of experience by doing the laboratory activities, to study about bio molecular and to be part of this awesome university. Another dream accomplished. 

Do you believe in your dreams? I DO. Now, I can tell the world that everybody needs to have a dream. No matter how big your dream is, just believe on it. But you have to sacrifice something to get something. Of course, If you want something, you have to do something. “There is a way, if there is a will”. It is not only tell about believe in your dreams that matters, but also your efforts to achieve it. Another important thing is put in Your Creator in every your step. 


Dream, passion, action and pray!