Causindy to collaborate with

Written by Youthful Social 2018-06-07 15:07:31


   One of the most successful elements of CAUSINDY is the Engaging Future Leaders program. This year, CAUSINDY is partnering with Youthful.Social to run Engaging Future Leaders in Makassar. Yothful.Social is a youth-led organisation, initiated by AIYEP Alumni (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program), that also focusing on strengthening bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia through youth engagements.

     The Engaging Future Leader (EFL) program invites students in Indonesia to engage in language exchange between Australians and Indonesians. This program aims to strengthen cross-cultural understanding between Australia and Indonesia.

      This year, we will invite 100 students, who are highly motivated to improve their English skills, from inner and outer areas of Makassar to participate in EFL. We hope that EFL will increase their confidence to use English as their second language and, in doing so, increase their curiosity and knowledge about Australia to build positive and respectful cross-cultural relationships between Australia and Indonesia.