Written by Youthful Social 2016-09-21 21:42:37

Did you remember what we had done during Grand Launching Event last Mei regardless the event at the day?

Yup… It is color pencil donation. Participants generously participated in this project. We named it “colotr-ful” movement. In June, the movement had started in Bima, NTB. We distributed some pencil color to one of small district and elementary school in Tambora, Bima, NTB. This movement called “Color-ful East Indonesia” means that we tried to make The East part of Indonesia becomes colorful through facilitating children in doing coloring their days. The children are so happy to get the color-pencil as they can use it for their activity.

Another movement successfully accomplished in Jogjakarta. participated in supporting The Nutriction project, to encourage elementary student to start healthy life. During the activities, they used color-pencil donated from movement. Moreover, we presented some crayon as gifts for the healthy agent. We are so happy to be able being part of this movement. In hence, we witnessed the future of Indonesian Nutritionist.

This movement is one of our efforts to participate in helping and supporting children in small district of several regions in Indonesia. As they are in limited condition to facilitate themselves for their activities. The movement itself is a bridge for other youth who wants to participate in supporting children with other youth community, such as We really love to do more collaboration in the future. Because we are not strong enough, until we manage to collaborate rite?

Keep on giving, sharing and working together. Youth on the move!