EMPOWOMEN BOOTCAMP : Empowered women, empower others through social contribution

Written by Youthful Social 2018-03-05 17:41:12

Another Empowomen bootcamp story. Enjoy reading!

Class 5

Design thinking.              

Who doesn’t know this current happening method in creating product or project? Yup.. Design thinking. By the hope to introduce this method to the participant, we brought design thinking expert from Riset Indie based in Bandung, Mita. With her expertise, she delivered workshop for participant to validate their interest and concern on social issue. They practiced empathize step through actual interview. This 2 session helped participant in shaping their mindset about the issue and designing social project.

Class 6


This session delivered by our internal facilitator, Desi. This session is a follow up step after design thinking. By helping the participant to validate their idea through workshop and testify the idea to audience. Some idea wrapped during the session such as application for mental health awareness, tumblr to reduce plastic using, dream-wall to inspire people etc.

Class 7

Empowomen bootcamp : Project management.

3 day events with 7 sessions held for empowomen bootcamp about project management. Each day, participants urged to participate in simulation of project management. Starting from team recruitment until promoting ideas during networking session. Participants were provided comprehensive curriculum in how to create social project into prototype. First day, they got knowledge about team management, budgeting, and fundraising from remarkable speaker, Chandra (CEO Gogo), Isra (Project officer of UID) and Suhendra (Owner Flambojan). Second day, they practiced to create vision and work plan with Aditya (Marketing specialist in nutrifood) and Biondi (Communication specialist of Openstreetmap), also alumni of CAUSINDY program. Last day, they got a chance to learn how to package the idea and deliver it to people from founder of proud project, Trivet. Bootcamp is closed by networking session, to connect participants with stakeholder. And to empower participant to promote their idea to other parties.

Class 8

Project sustainability.

Last but not least. The final class of empowomen talked about sustainability. After series of workshop about project management, the very last important thing is how to make it sustainable. This knowledge delivered and identified during the final class. Participants urged to create sustainable mapping for their project. They made a plan about how they project will be implemented and also how the sustainable process will be. The facilitator is Rio, village coordinator of Krakatoa.

     As the final class finished, the series of workshop had successfully conducted, all curriculum well delivered. The most important thing after the class phase, is how participant should be able to implement all the knowledge to contribute in society by creating good impact. And the other important thing is participant as empowered women need to be able to empower other people.