EMPOWOMEN BOOTCAMP : Get women empowered through series of workshop

Written by Youthful Social 2018-03-05 14:49:29

     Empowomen, is 4-month capacity building program for young women in Lampung, containing several workshop and panel session about personal development, becoming a woman leader, articulating social issue, story-telling for change, design thinking, ideation and project management. Since December 2017, we successfully conducted 8 classes with total 15 sessions with 17 experts in various background.

Here is the sneak peak of our Empowomen bootcamp on 1st to 4th class. Get to know us more.

Class 1

Empowomen Introduction and Personal Development.

Class conducted by Empowomen facilitators, Dilla for Empowomen introduction and Ita for Personal Development. During Introduction, participants and facilitators discussed about vision and mission of  EMPOWOMEN and its value, I CAN. The 2nd session is personal development where participants were introduced to Johari window and mountain growth to reflect on who they are and what they are capable of.

Class 2

Becoming a woman leader.

This panel session invited women leaders as role model, such as Tia Riswan (Corporate chef of el’s coffee, local business), Dyla (Project officer of international NGO) and Tasha (Local mural artist). Tia is an alumni of RMIT Melbourne and Dyla is used to work for Indonesian-Australia business organization. This sharing session aims to inspire and aspire participants that women can lead in any field or career they wish to pursue. The 2nd session of follow up session about personal development, where each participant was given a chance to share their concern and social issue that they are interested about.

Class 3

Articulating social issue.

The 3rd class consists of 2 related sessions, Domestic violence – Indonesia/Australia bilateral issue and articulating social change. To strengthen Indonesia-Australia bilateral issue related to the emerging issue about women in Lampung, Domestic violence. We invited PhD candidate from University of Melbourne, Wynnie Jones, and alumni of AIYEP 2014/2015. The 2nd session, the participant given a workshop about articulating social issue in how they could analyze social issue surrounding their environment. The alumni of Active citizen, Meta, is the facilitator.

Class 4

Story-telling for change.

Vania santoso, a founder of heystartic, was invited to this session. This class highlighted the power of story in bringing people to start social movement. The participant got to experience to tell their social idea through story and did elevator pitch.

(To be continued...)