Empowomen: Developing the Potential of Young Women in Lampung

Written by Youthful Social 2018-02-22 18:23:42

      Empowomen, stands for empower women, is therefore designed to provide youthful activities focusing on capacity building, and project management in 4-month program for young women in Lampung which is program under youthful.social and supported by Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) Round 2 2017 through Australia Global Alumni. The selected young women who join this class are going to be involved in youthful and supportive atmosphere for developing personal capacity, practicing social project and experiencing professional networking from both Indonesia and Australia expertise correlated with social contribution and potentials of collaboration among the participants, communities and partners. During the four months, the participants will be provided great chances to identify, share and develop their skills and knowledge, as well as the participating mentors. As post –program activities, the participants are supposed to implement their skill and knowledge into possible social projects in their communities under supervision. This program will provide forum group discussion, lecturing, workshop, panel, team building activities, project planning simulation, networking session and social project monitoring after the program. End of class program, we will create Database about related issue as a result of empowomen. This program can be replicated in the next year.

        It aims to plan and organize 4-month program where 20 young women in Lampung can be facilitated to develop their potential to contribute to the society, to provide a space for Australian Program Alumni to give back their privilege of study abroad to society and to provide useful data of the use for research, study or information about related issue. Empowomen has created program value named I CAN, stands for, I for Inclusiveness, C for Challenge, A for Assertiveness and N for Nurturance.

        Empowomen activities are, First phase, forum Group Discussion, is to establishing board member as facilitator during the program, additional needs assessment, creating program plan and timeline, organizing curriculum, creating module for class, and recruitment plan. Second phase, Recruitment for participants, is to promoting empowomen project to society through advertisement on social media and local radio. This phase also is to recruiting participants through online application and interview for 40 candidates. The 20-selected young women will join the class. Third, class for woman, is 3-month class program focused on personal development, ideation, project management and project sustainability. The material will be delivered through lecturing, workshop, panel, team building activities, project planning simulation, networking session and field trip. The trainers are the experts in development field, activist as well as some Australian program alumni. Fourth phase, social project implementation, is to implement the project simulation to society in 1 month. Five-best project plan will be chosen and will be implemented. One of five project will have women in rural area as beneficiaries. The team are supervised by board member. Fifth phase, monitoring and evaluation of overall participants and facilitators improvement through this project in understanding project management and its implementation.

     Empowomen has collaborated with community partner, such as Janis, Just Speak, Gogo, Yoa and Box.Care, to engage our activity with young community member and to initiate social project collaboration. Meanwhile, we also did partnership with local stakeholder in business, media and academic sector. In business, we did partnership to provide souvenir and merchandise with el’s coffee, askha jaya, J.cloud, in media we worked to promote the program and outreach more people in Lampung with Lampuuung and D!radio, and in academic sector we did collaboration to provide venue for some classes with IBI Dharmajaya.

Supporting Article : http://www.australiaawardsindonesia.org/article/detail/338/15/empowomen-developing-the-potential-of-young-women-in-lampung