Enjoyable Transport

Written by Syahrial 2016-05-06 06:47:26

Every morning at 8.25, I take a bus in front of Tranby Collage and go to Warnbro train station. It becomes my routine in the morning as I have to get to work in Murdoch University. The bus takes for about 10 minutes to get to the station and then, I take the train at platform 2, the Perth line, heading to Murdoch station.

The train passes several stations, they are: Rockingham, Wellard, Kwinana, and Cockburn central and it takes 30 minutes to get Murdoch Station. After arriving at the station, I take bus number 98 or 99 via South Street to Murdoch University and get off in front of Medical Faculty then walk to the next building behind it. I get used to taking public transport that I hardly ever do in my hometown, due to this routine.

Public transport becomes very important for people in Perth to use. It is faster and affordable transport. People who lives in southern part like me, they can take Mandurah line that stops at all stations, they are Rockingham, wellard, Kwinana, Cockburn central, Murdoch, bull crick, canning bridge, esplanade and perth underground. The northern part can be reached via fremantle line some other lines also provided to access other location, such as joondalup line, Armadale line, Midland line, Thornlie line. The fare would depend on how many zone that is passed. The lowest fare (one way) is for 1 zone with 2.9 AUD and the highest fare is for 9 zone with12.9 AUD.

All of the schedule can bee checked at the station or through webiste at transperth.wa.gov.au. In the city, people can use free buses operated only in the city. They are CAT buses which consist of Red CAT, Yellow CAT, and Blue CAT. In perth, Western Australia, rarely are there taxi to take people privately to certain address. Most of people take public transport and the rest is walking.