First Stand on the Land

Written by Ayum 2016-05-06 07:27:22

On 11th of October 2015, eight-een Indonesian youth ready to go to Can-berra, Australia for representing Indone-sia as delegates for Australia – Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2015. There might be many uncertain steps ahead, but absolutely it will be one of the best life changing experiences for each of us.

Ten days before we went to Can-berra, Adi (North Sumatra), Halim (West Sumatra), Mbarep (South Sumatra), Ade (Jambi), Ria (Lampung), Daus (Riau Is-lands), Fita (Central Kalimantan), Yandhi (South Kalimantan), Pri (East Kaliman-tan), Ayum (Jakarta), Jovia (Banten), Ika (West Java), Roni (East Java), Ayu (Bali), Liza (West Sulawesi), Rianti (Gorontalo), Mandra (West Nusa Tenggara), Richard (East Nusa Tenggara), we passed long way to go to reach Pre – Departure Train-ing (PDT) phase in Jakarta: in terms of regional selection, province selection and some net conference tasks before training.

We are so excited to be in charge in the program. However, seems that ten days PDT being the only chance for us to know better each other, learn about the program, get the lesson from the alumni’s experience before we leave as Indonesian delegation.

The coming up next is our first flight to Canberra. To begin with, all delegations have to wear their Attire A1 suit (the formal uniform that has been designed especially for Indonesian delega-tions ) along the trip to Canberra.

We were leaving from Soekarno Hatta International Airport to Sydney International Airport at 8pm on Sunday evening, 11 October 2015 since we have to change the airplane in Sydney prior continuing our flight to Canberra. In Syd-ney airport, Deane and Sarah were al-ready waiting us for flying with us to Canberra.

They are the Australian local coordinator who will take care of us dur-ing the Australia phase. It is very pleasure to meet them because they has been in-volving of AIYEP program for almost 15 years and they are definitely kind.

On 12th of October 2015, we arrived at Canberra and were welcomed by Kirrilly, Ella, and Jane as a part of Australian local coordinator team. Kirrilly is the alumnae of AIYEP last year and Ella is the Australia’s dele-gates for AIYEP this year. We realized the journey has be-gun. Whatever the outcome, it is an im-portant to be the best version of yourself wherever and whenever you are.

And first standing on the Kanga-roo Land, Australia is the best version of life for us dreams higher than we expect previously.