Inspiring Youth Talk with Dimas Ramadhani

Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 09:23:52


      The “Inspiring Youth Talk” was held by Youthful.Social chapter Bengkulu team on April 9th, 2016. More than 50 youths of Bengkulu, some of them were the participants of essay writing competition also held by us, attended this event. The main aim of this event was actually to inspire as many youths as possible dealing with the topics such as technology, sociopreneurship as well as youth and women empowerment.

      Dimas Ramadhani as one of Bengkulunese youths who already had some national and international achievement became one out of the two speakers at the Youth Talk on that day. He answered some questions addressed by Angga, the host of the talk show. His experience with his friends in competing in a competition called Sanitation App Challenge in 2013 which was held by World Bank became an opening story in the first session of the talk show.

     It was not the first time for Dimas to become the participant of that competition. Previously, he and his friends prepared and worked on their projects seriously before joining every competition, but unfortunately they did not make it for couple tries. Their effort became worth it at the end when they finally made it as the champion of the competition by creating an application called Sunclean App. They had a chance to go to the United States to compete again at the international level and they succeeded to be the winner as well. The application, admitted by Dimas whose templates were first made by using Microsoft Power Point, covered all criteria as an application that could promote sanitation.

     The target users of the application are children. Its concept is as a game in which some parts are in the form of simulation of how to treat waste, how to classify waste whether it is an organic or non-organic one, and how to wash hands well. The presence of this application is hoped to give children positive values on how to run a clean lifestyle among children nowadays.

     After sharing his experience dealing with Sunclean App, Dimas shared a little bit about a website he created called He slightly explained how and why actually he decided and worked on the website that was aimed to facilitate people to share about anything in the form of live cast. People who are interested in the topics being talked on the website could actually interact one to another. At the end of his session, Dimas hoped that what he shared was only aimed to encourage youths in Bengkulu, especially the ones who already joined Youthful.Social to do more positive things in the name of betterment.

By: Lyanda Famel chapter Bengkulu