It feels Like Home

Written by Hery 2016-05-06 07:23:20

I could not wish for a better host family. But my host family in City Phase of AIYEP, It’s like they are my family who I never met. They accepted me like a part of them. It is wonderful to live with them. In my second week in Western Australia, when homestay was started, my host family has showed me all the awesome things about the real Australian. Beside their kindly hearted, I was so surprised that I have been staying at Swan Valley for 3 weeks. All of valleys, amazing views of the town, and abundance of vine yard actually reminded me of where I live in Indonesia which also surrounded by hills and green yard. It’s Upper Swan, Swan Valley! The Swan Valley is the state's oldest wine region and in 2014 Swan Valley is celebrating 180 years of winemaking. This wine lover’s paradise with its award-winning wineries will be offering an amazing array of experiences during my homestay.

On 25th October 2014, I was picked up from YHA to my host family’s home at 01.00 by Host Mom, quite nervous because it’s the first time for me to have homestay experience. During the journey to my host family’s home I was amazed by beautiful green vineyard. When I arrived at host family’s home, My host Dad welcomed me so well and warm. What a beautiful first impression with them.

On 26th October 2014 or the 1st Sunday at my homestay experience, my host family took me to know deeper about Western Australia especially Perth by travelling. First place we visited was The All Saints Church in Henley Brook. It is the oldest church in Western Australia. It was built by Richard Edwards between 1838 and 1840 with the first service taking place on 10 January 1841. The site is on a small hill overlooking the Swan River and near the conjunction of the Swan and Ellen Brook. This site was where Captain James Stirling camped during his 1827 exploration of the area. My host mom bought me a postcard of The All Saints Church to send Christmas greeting for my beloved mom in Indonesia because this year will be my first time to celebrate Christmas without family.

I had the opportunity to be at Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Hillays Dogs Beach. Yeaa those are my second place that I visited. I was amazed at the number of people who were not sitting around in the excellent restaurants like Jettys, rather walking around taking in the scenery and ocean views. There is a viewing platform to watch the sun go down. At Hillarys Dog Beach, I felt quite magical because a trip to the beach is the best treat ever for a dog. As we know dogs love so much to run around on the sand and swim in the sea. But the boisterousness of dogs playing and running around is a bit too much for some beach-goers. It’s nice to see all the dogs out and about when you’re walking on the beach.

The second place we visited on 26th October 2014 was Yonga Bodjah Aboriginal Art and Gallery. Yonga Boodjah features the original artwork and crafts of acclaimed Noongar artists Phil Narkle and Dennis Kicklett. These artists have a range of different styles, all on display in stunning 180sqm gallery. Sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures there whereas I wanted to show that Aboriginal Artwork is beautifully amazing.

On the next weekend (1st & 2nd November) I felt so happy because we went to Caversham Wild Park then go to Railway Museum at Caversham then we The King’s Park on Saturday. It was memorable experience because for the first time I could see closer and feed kangaroos & Koala.

The new experiences and stories haven’t yet stopped till my 12th day home stay experience. Every day has new stories and experiences. So, it’s all been great so far and I am pretty sure that we will get along really good till the end of the city phase.

I already learned so many new things. Even though they already retired but they still work hard in farming and volunteering. I do love their spirit to be productive in old age and also their grandchildren are fun and smart. They value family and so we have family dinner every day. They are warm people and they have made priority to make me feel like a part of their family. They have given me new opportunity to experience new things I don’t have in Jakarta, like farming. Papa Alex, my host dad showed me how that works.

Not only new places but also delicious meals they offer which most of those are Australian meals .Mama Lori showed me how to make a lot of delicious food. Mama Lori always cooks something delicious! No doubt! I love all her cooking.

Colorful experience I also got on last Sunday when I participated to be a part of my host family team at Color Run which was held at Langley Park. I together with 8 family member of my host family cooperated to win on the color run. Even though at the end we didn’t become the winner but I thought we’re already the champion because we brought the spirit of togetherness and unity in diversity.

My whole experience so far has been absolutely amazing! 10 out of 10. I could not have been more fortunate. I can't believe I've been here 19 days! Things are going really well here ... I together with AIYEP contingent has performed in 3 schools. I have already involved in work placement, I had traveled to few places in WA, I have seen the beauty of aboriginal painting, I have tasted the delightful wine from the swan valley. In other words, I've been quite busy. From those activities, there is host family who colored my journey in the city phase of AIYEP.  I'm having a really good time and I haven't even really been homesick.

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Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2014/2015