Journal About Articulating Your Social Change Vision Or Aractive Citizen

Written by Yumainismar 2018-03-06 13:32:57

At the 3rd class of empowomen we learn about Articulating Your Social Change Vision this class is held for 2 days with Meta as the speaker (alumni of active citizen).

On the first day we learned about river philosophy and self-development:

From this material we are given a landscape image consist of many tributaries that will empty into one big river. One by one the tributary is like me personally and the other creek is my friend, a river (me) and (you) meet in one place,then  me and you become (us) together. One tributary (my) philosophy is this river me and my identity about who I am, the value of the value that I hold. I and your philosophy is meet other creeks that you an i (we) are in dialogue / communication but in this dialogue contains values of mutual respect for differences, how different ways of interacting with each other. And from (us) together we begin to formulate an issue and then act on a social project. It's good to be able to get this material, because from this, we are taught the stages in creating a social project start from knowing ourselves "who I am, my background, and what values I hold. Then how to interact with friends, understand the differences. So understand in making the issue we have to know who we are values that we hold so that when the implementation of the issue we do not forget and deviated from the set, on what basis we want to do this, and also in determining an issue we must involve friends and we must respect each other in order to avoid division.

Next we play games, games 2 truths and 1 lies, from these games the meaning of the content is in assessing a person our perceptions are different. There is good and also there is bad and in judging someone can from the surface (eg from the physical aspect, the language used, clothes used , or from within (contact the person with others, the values it contains).

On the second day we learned relating to social brinstorm projects, games gelatin, mapping issues, and tree issues:

In this brainstorming material the participants are divided into several groups with various issues such as environment, health, economics, and education, and each groups make one issus from 5 issues according to the theme obtained.

Then the aga-agar material, from these issues we were formed into 2 groups and arguments. My Feelings in following this game is nervous, fear of talking wrong. These games are obtained in response to an issue must be fast, quick, and responsive, and also must think before speaki because the correct answer determines the score.

Issues of mapping and tree issues of this material are so many things learned. In determining the issue we can start from around us, do not have too much thinking to solve big issues but to determine the issues look around us like the environment at home, there are good things and what bad things, the bad things are included in what areas, then which stakeholders can help solve the bad thing. Then after the issue of mapping continues to make the tree issue, the issue is what the moisturizer and what impacts caused and from which part should be solved first. Being grateful to get this material, being more organized in determining the issue, and also in determining the issue is not as easy as thought because in determining the issue we are in a group that has different ideas, hold selfishness and also in presenting the issue there is a way to make the audience understand and have a limited time.