Jumping Worker

Written by Vivi 2016-05-06 06:31:16

I am still hard to believe that I am here, living my life at the place I have never expected before. As I wished that it would be a great experience, and this program has became a great experience that I ever got! :)

I can not believe that I have already lived three weeks of my life here in Australia. I was worried about my self-confidence to live with Australian family, to work in Australian workplaces in the reality, and to interact with Australian on a daily activity. But finally, I have successfully proved to myself that I can adapt well in this whole new environment.

I can still remember when my Host Mom,  Natalie, picked me up at the YHA on October 25, in the morning. I was really nervous because I was the first person who would be picked up by a host family that day.

Living my entire 2 weeks in the new family makes me feel great. They treat me really really well. What kind of anxiety could break me up for a long 3 weeks? I guess nothing, as long as I have them. A really good and happy Christian family. Spending time with them makes me feel like I actually am at my own home. I am so blessed to have Natalie, Steven, Lidya and Elliot as my host family. I have indeed got many lessons learned from them so far.

Do you know why I named this post A JUMPING WORKER?


A bit confusing, but I really enjoyed it.

From the first time, our local coordinator told me that it was hard to find any church where I can obtain such a full-time work experience (Tuesday - Friday), so I got a primary school as additional workplace of mine, asides from the church. I thought it would be interesting to have such a challenge like working with children and assisting in Bahasa Indonesia class. And guess what? I have actually been working at 3 different places.

My schedule goes:

Tuesday, at Greenwood Uniting Church, volunteering at the Music Program for the children under 5 years old.

Thursday, at Hawker Park Primary School, assisting Bahasa Indonesia Class with a great Bahasa Indonesia Teacher for 5 classes.

And then on Friday I jumped to Warriapendi Primary School at Balga, assisting Bahasa Indonesia Class for 4 classes.

You know, honestly it is really hard to get attention from many children, hard to understand what they really want, hard to show that I just want to give all of my best for them. But I did it well. Took their attentions, tried to understand what they want, tried to show an interesting language through such interesting ways.

It has been such amazing experiences I have had these last two weeks, really. I am enjoying it so much, I never taught any children before. So it was really a huge challenge for me, yet an opportunity and a blessing, too! I think there is none of other participants whose same experiences as mine and are as lucky as I am. Therefore, I am very thankful that God has generously granted me all these blessings. I'm not worrying about anything no more at this point, I'm just gonna enjoy this awesome life I have. Thank you so much, my Lord!