Live in the New Life

Written by Muhammad Kurniawan 2016-05-06 07:06:35

One of attraction joining Youth Exchange program is how the participant placed in one host family and getting to know each other, understanding what is the essential point of “people-to-people-contact” in term of AIYEP context. If you are an AIYEPer later, listen! Host family will be the best part in your life. Enjoy your time, contribute something to your family, speak up and create the best moment as many as you can. Well, this is my story...

First meeting, 25th October 2014

I sat with other participants in television room at that time, while one by one the host families were coming and picked up their new child. My heart was fluttering, asking a question whether my family would like me. I still remember that I was the ninth participant that was picked up by my host family. When the elevator opened, Wow . . Susan male (my host mom)* and Atle (my host brother, 15 YO)* came, and I was a bit nervous at that time thinking about what should I do first, how to do a nice greeting bla.. bla.. bla… Well, I was at home, I met owen (my host brother, 13 YO)* and lily (my host sister, 10 YO)* and Stuart (My host dad)*. First day, it was really interesting they showed their house, my room, we had lunch together, sharing about Indonesia, and in the afternoon we went to owen and lily basketball match *you know what? They are a great basketball player*. I was a bit clumsy at that time, but I do what I can do. It was a bit tiring mentally.

As the time goes by...

YOU NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE, COURAGE YOUR SELF TO BE ACTIVE, DO MORE CONTRIBUTION, etc. Those were the thing that the seniors told to us before and that’s the secret indeed. When I did that, problem solved. Playing card with them, watching YouTube, laughing, cooking together, cheering them and going to school together are the best moments in my life, meeting such a warm family was a lucky fate for me.


Susan Male:
A house wife, she is volunteering for disability people share donation for them, estafet runner, and loves yoga. What a great mom.

Stuart Edgar:
Manager for shipment in Australia, he used to be an army in Irian when he was young. He loves biking, and Australian football athlete.

Atle Edgar:
He is very good in academic and got some achievement in his school. He is basketball and hockey athlete.

Owen Edgar:
He is a referee in basketball match, and be a basketball player as well, he is able to play drum.

Lily Edgar:
He is an athlete in some athletic games, basketball player and a violist.

Perth Western Australia, Australia
Indonesian Participant Youth of AIYEP 2014/2015