My Commitment that Inspired by Host Family Life Style

Written by Chrisagita Hq 2016-09-21 21:43:27

I have a new commitment for myself because of this program. I want get more healthy food and do exercise regullerly. You will be laughing and asking me “Are you sure?”.

Yeah, I know, In Indonesia maybe I will more struggle with that commitment. I like chocolate, I like something fried, I like oily food, But now, I will try to get less sugar, less salt and less oil and no many chips anymore. Lol 

This commitment comes from just little bit chit chat in the dinner table in Margaret River. Its a friday night dinner when I stayed with my friends hostfamily because My family was going to Perth. We were talking about healthy food and our habit. Even in Perth, I really impressed about my family lifestyle, they always try to get healthy food. For the first, I though it just happen in my family. then, some of my friends shared about how their family’s life style and they always try to get healthy food as well. Waw, I was surprise. Then, now, I am staying with Australian family that like to eat healthy food in a good quality. Afterwards the Friday night dinner came and in that short conversation, I was talking to myself to get healthy life style. I am so impress because all family that I stayed with are really nice and have a healthy life style. They eat less sugar, just a little bit salt, no oily food, and eat more vegetables. They do excercise everyday. Such like my host sister, she do basketball twice a week, yoga for once a week, then go running in the morning maybe twice or three times a week. 

Even in the supermarket, cafe, or restaurant, you will get healthy food easily. its quite easy to get quite healthy snack, less sugar chips etc. Seller in here, they try to provide more healthy meals and makes it as a added value for their own business.

I am just thinking about my daily activities, I think, I should have to do excercise regullerly, even its just running every morning or every afternoon. Then I am just thinking about my post program project after AIYEP. It seems like I wanna create such like a campaign about healthy life style for young people. It will encourage young people to concern about their food and their body. Lets do excercise, get enough sleep and have a healthy food. Lets have an healthy life style. Love your self!