Our Beautiful Escape

Written by Admin 2016-05-06 07:35:07

Life is too short to escape from any challenges, because they are part of life itself. Indeed, I am agree with that. But, sometime we also need to take a break for a while, to embrace whatever comes our way: escaping. Like it or not, we need it.

And here we are, standing in the middle of a small town which surrounding by wineries, beautiful caves, olive oil trees, wild kangaroos, beaches, and wildflowers. We call it, Margaret River, our home for 3 weeks journey. Margaret River is 280 Km south of Perth, it takes 3 hours travel by car. It is a name of river, town, and region. Fortunately, Margaret River is one of the most visited town in south Western Australia, it became tourist destination since a long time ago. It is no stranger to numerous accolades and awards, such as Lonely Planet named it the jewel of the south west—one of the Top 10 Destinations worldwide to visit in 2010; even readers of Australian Traveller voted it the Best Town in Australia in 2013. Can you imagine, how lucky we are to be here!

Here’s the place where you can escape in Margaret River


Voyager Estate Winery and Leeuwin Estate Winery are the first destinations you should visit if you come to Margaret River. You can just walk around, get some fresh air, take lots of pictures, sunbathing surrounding by winery, and get free tasting of their famous wine.

Gorgeous forests

There are some gorgeous forests trails which are very nice and close to town. Even you can find forest trails in front of your neighbour's house. Bicycling is recommended for anyone who wants to exercise, morning to afternoon, it doesn’t matter at all, because you won’t get sweat anyway, the weather is so nice as long as you bring your jumper just for in case of a windy day. 

Cheese Factory

One of the main commodities and the most well-known product from Margaret River is cheese and it dairy products. They have so many kinds of cheese that you’ve might never know before. From the taste, texture, flavour, and colour, they have all that things. Please do not be shy to taste those kind of cheese for free, yes they provide free tasting for visitors! Yumm…

Chocolate Factory

If you are on diet, a really tight diet program, with all of my apologies I need to say that this place is not recommended for you. There’s no words that I can express about this place except: heaven!


Grab your picnic blanket, a fancy hat, sunglasses, and friends—or your loved one, to spend your afternoon until the sun goes down. You will find that Margaret River has world class waves which really worth for every surfer in the world. There are more than 40 places to catch a wave in the area, one of the most famous spot is in Surfer Point. If you don’t surfing, just relax, you can still enjoy the beach and also…hmm, watch the surfers from around the world in action! Haha.

It is just beginning, I still have another escape places to share. I’ll be back with “Margaret River: Our Beatiful Escape!” Part 2. Soon!