Perth Hotspot

Written by Fajri 2016-05-06 07:17:33

1. Kings Park

Kings Park is a 4.06 km2 park located on the western edge of the central business district in Perth. The park is a mixture of grassed parkland, botanical gardens and natural bushland and with panoramic views of the Swan River and Darling Range, it is home to over 300 native plant varieties and 80 bird species. It is one of the largest inner city parks in the world and the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia, being visited by over five million people each year. Besides tourist facilities Kings Park contains the Eternal Flame and State War Memorial, the Royal Kings Park Tennis club and a reservoir. It also has this special Bali Memorial Monument which is dedicated to the 16 Western Australian victims, the injured and those who helped the survivors of the terrorist bombings on 12 October 2002 in the Indonesian island of Bali. We enjoyed hanging around this beautiful park, such a mind-refreshing hotspot, indeed!

2. Swan River

The Swan River estuary flows through the city of Perth. In the earliest days of its settlement, the river was used as the main transport route between Perth and Fremantle. There are currently nineteen road and railway bridges crossing the Swan River. We were so lucky that on the second day we’ve arrived in Perth, we all actually got a chance to cruise over the breathtaking river with Captain Cook cruises for free!

3. Forrest Place

Forrest Place is a pedestrianized square located within the Central Business District of Perth. It is paved and landscaped as a pedestrian mall, with seating, public artwork, and trees. The eastern side of the street is lined by shops from the Forrest Chase shopping complex, while the historic General Post Office and Commonwealth Bank buildings are located to the west. Forrest Place is used in many ways throughout the year, including cultural displays, children's activities and parades. As for us AIYEPers 2014/2015, this hotspot is an important daily after-work meeting point where we usually catch up and chill out before going back to our ‘temporary’ homes in Perth.

4. University of Western Australia (UWA)

The UWA was established in February 1911, and began teaching students for the first time in 1913. It is the oldest university in the state of Western Australia and is highly ranked internationally in various publications. Dilla, our fellow Indonesian AIYEPer felt so lucky that she got to work with the university during our stay in Perth. We visited her in uni a couple of times and were totally in love with the architecture, the green environment, and the peacocks wandering around the campus!

5. Perth Arena

Perth Arena is an entertainment and sporting arena in the city centre of Perth. It is located on Wellington Street near the site of the former Perth Entertainment Centre, and was officially opened on 10 November 2012. The arena's capacity will hold up to 13,000 people for National Basketball League regular season games) and a maximum of 15,500 for concerts. AIYEP boys like Zu and Faj were very lucky, they once got free tickets to watch Katy Perry’s concert and national basketball game there!

6. Caversham Wildlife Park

A number of this year’s AIYEP participants admitted that Caversham Wildlife Park was one of their favorite spots in Perth. It is very proudly owned and operated by a Western Australian family. The AIYEPers are so glad that they got to come and spent the day at one of Perth’s most exciting tourist attractions, showcasing the largest private collection of native wildlife in WA. They truly have had a great time there! Hand-fed the kangaroos, joined in the interactive farm show, touched a possum or lizard, met a wombat, and have photos taken with koalas.

7.      Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island (known locally as Rotto) is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 18 kilometres west of Fremantle. Rottnest is a popular holiday destination, and there are daily ferry services to Perth and has a permanent population of around 100 people, with around 500,000 annual visitors. As an A Class Nature Reserve, Rottnest Island preserves and protects its natural beauty; spectacular flora, abundant marine life and wildlife and many unique species. With a variety of nature-based activities from free guided walking tours to dive charters, Rottnest offers plenty of opportunity to experience more nature.

8. Hillarys Boat Harbour and the AQWA

Hillarys Boat Harbour is a marina and tourist precinct located in Hillarys, north of Perth and commenced in September 1985. The facility has been extensively upgraded during 2008 to incorporate a new boardwalk, tavern and retail outlets. Attractions in and around the harbor include a gigantic waterslide as well as fishing charters & cruises. Hillarys is also home to AQWA, The Aquarium of Western Australia, which showcases the marine life and unique regions of WA's 12,000 km coastline. The aquarium is open daily from 10am to 5pm.