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     The topic of satellite event in Southeast Sulawesi (Kendari) is "It's Time to You(th) to Contribute" was held in the Hall of Bank Indonesia branch of Kendari on 9th April, 2016. This event was attended by 200 participants and was opened by Mr. H. Musadar Mappasomba as Vice Mayor of Kendari and Dwi husba as the chief committee and covered by the media partners of Net TV Kendari and Kendari Pos.

     This event was attended by many youth and community in Southeast Sulawesi. Based on the topic, we invite all young people in Indonesia, especially in the area of Southeast Sulawesi to contribute to our activities that we conducted. The type of this event is a talkshow. Talkshow aims to create a relaxed atmosphere among the participants, speakers, guests and the comittee, So, they don’t feel bored or tired when the activity take place.

In general, this activity is divided into three sessions:

1. Community Workshop

The speakers at the workshop came from community in Southeast Sulawesi. 5 communities selected to participate as a speakers, namely Movement Teaching Kendari Community (GKM), FOCIL Community, Street Children Community (KOJAK), Indo-runners Kendari Community (IRK), Stand Up Comedy Kendari and Culinary Kendari Community (K3). Each speaker will tell about their community, their vision and mission and how to join with them.

GKM is a volunteer-based community, focus in education section, who hold / carry out the teaching and learning activity to children who their school residing in remote area.

KOJAK is a volunteer-based community, focus in social section, who hold / carry out the teaching and learning activity to street children in the city of Kendari. The goals are awaken them about the importance of education and give education to children who can’t go to the school.

IRK is a volunteer-based community, focus in sport section. They goal is invite the young people, children and adults to participate in sports with them to realize that sport is important.

FOCIL is a volunteer-based community, focus in environmental section. This community invites all levels of society to realize the importance of the environment around us.

Stand Up Comedy Kendari focus of performing arts comedy, with they aim to be funny and entertaining with intelligence word that they have on stage.

K3 is a community focus in of entrepreneurship section. This communities hold trainings especially cook or how they market their products to the public, so that it can be accepted by the public.

2. Scholarships Talkshow

Speakers on this scholarship talkshow certainly are people who are not only great but also can inspire people especially the youth. There are 5 speakers at this talkshow they are Ahmi Husein, Dewi Atikah, Abd. Halim, Eka Astiti and Rezki Hendarta. Ahmi Husein (LPDP grantee), Dewi Atikah (currently taking classes in English) and Eka Astiti (Alumni AFS), the three of them will be sharing about their experiences before they escapes the scholarship and how they can obtain it. Abd. Halim was not only share his experiences but also how to prepare the paperwork to apply for scholarship.

Lastly, Rezki Hendarta share about short courses abroad to learn English, government programs/agency both inside and outside the country which provided scholarships and he also gives motivation to the participants to keep their spirit in seeking and attaining they goals. Many important things are conveyed by the speakers. The point are we have to continue to try to obtain a good things and believe that our effort is not wasted.

"God will not exude hope or high goals to us but He will show us the way to be able to obtain it (Rezki Hendarta, 2016)"

"Everyone has the right to a proper education, everyone deserves a scholarship for their abilities regardless of rich or poor (Abd. Halim, 2016)".

After Talkshow scholarship, next the announcement of pre-event, namely "Sultra in Frame". The pre-event aim to introduce tourist areas located in Southeast Sulawesi via social media owned by each competitor.

3. Culture Performance

The last session of this event is the Culture performance. In this session, there are several cultural performances presented by friends of PCMI Southeast Sulawesi (Medley song and Saman Dance), Ambassador Language of Sulawesi Tenggara (Dance creations La Kilaponto), GKM Community (Angklung), Stand Up Comedy Kendari (Stand Up Comedy), the appearance of Silat by Purnama and the band's performance of Instinct Quake.

The First appearances are Saman Dance and Medley song performed by combining songs with the theme of nationalism and the songs that came from every region in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Saman dance is a dance that originated from Aceh which symbolizes the height of courtesy, teamwork, education, heroism, unity and compactness that of the religious community. Lyric of the song contains advice in life.

The second appearance is Angklung music. Angklung is a traditional musical instrument that originated from West Java. In this performance they song Gundul-Gundul Pacul. This song has a sense that a true leader is not one who is given the power, but a person who may seek prosperity for the society, and the person who can not be trustful on what his/her responsibilities will be the arrogant person

The third appearance is La Kilaponto dance creations. This dance performed by two dancers made up of men and women. La Kilaponto creation dance tells about the origin of the empire Murhum. Where La Kilaponto who beat La Bolontio (The captain of Tobelo sea, who wanted to dominate Buton region). Because of La Bolontio was killed by La Kilaponto, so La Kilaponto win the contest to marry the daughter of Buton King’s La Mulae. This dance also tells about the happily household between La Kilaponto and Wa Tampoidongi.

The fourth appearance that is Stand Up Comedy is done with the purpose of entertaining the audience attending the event by incorporating elements of youth in each story they convey.

The last appearance are Silat performed by Purnama and martial arts as well as international and national songs performed by the Instinct Quake band while closing the event.

 By: Rizky Wulan Aprilyani chapter South-East Sulawesi