Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 09:11:34

      Some communities of 11 provinces in Indonesia on Saturday April 9, 2016 simultaneously conducting event satellites with themes and issues related to youth, education, health, gender equality, youth and culture empowerment. Activities initiated by AIYEP (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program) as well as to launch a Website as community networks in the provinces of Aceh is one .

      In Aceh itself theme Scholorship And Youth Contribution entitled Essay Coaching Scholorship activity which in this activity participants will be trained by such famous alumni of the scholarship: DAAD, LPSDM, LPDP, ERASMUS and AMINEF. Essay Coaching activity itself aims to guide young people in making the Aceh scholarship essays.

     This activity itself starts from 09.00 pm and opened with the introduction and information on the activities to be carried out by the committee chairman Cut Ganis Tyawangsa. Then followed by representatives of the Education USA as partner activities and introduce USA Education. After the event continued with the introduction of coaching from renowned scholarship and experience regarding the scholarship that has been followed by the alumni. The introduction itself does not last long only about 1 hour.

     Around 11:00 the participants who have attended the group assembled in accordance with the selected scholarship when registration. There are six groups of scholarships and inside there are 1-3 participants and trained by two alumni. The participants were also asked to make a motivation letter in order to facilitate the training. During the training session participants seemed very enthusiastic and enjoyed the session, as is evident by the many questions from participants about the essay, not only that participants were also asked many alumni experience when implementing a scholarship program.

      Exactly at 13.00 pm coaching activities have been completed and were followed by taking photos and video are carried out together with the organizers, the participants and the experts. Completion of essay coaching activities alone can be an experience not only for the participants but also for the committee and the Expert. May the knowledge and shared experiences can motivate young people of Aceh to compete in the hunt for scholarships at home and abroad.

By: Maulidya Rita Zahara chapter Aceh