Written by Dewi Fitria 2018-03-06 13:44:06

The class hold on 20 January 2018. At Granny's Nest Antasari, a homey-floral cafe and resto, Vania Santoso came onstage with her bag, placed it on the table, and began to deliver her presentation. “Is my bag look like a leather bag?”, she asked all people in the room. We guessed, “Yes.” It is look like that, but it is something different. Shortly after, we knew that it is a leather-lookalike bag, one of heySTARTIC products that made from cement sack or paper sack. STARTIC stands for Stylish Art in Ecopreneurship. She said that what we wear describes us.

“If an eco-preneur is shy to wear what (s)he produces, how the costumers can trust her/his products.”

Since 2005, Vania has interested in waste management issues and contributed through an environmental NGO, AV Peduli.  She had ever made woven bags from plastic packaging waste, but the lack of interest from people to buy and use them made her take the initiative to produce other products. As an eco-preneur, it is important to know and recognize the needs of people. However, because of the lack of preparation and the limited ability to serve large orders, she decided to reorganize the internal management first.

After telling the story about herself, Vania continue to explain about the Storytelling. Starting from "Effective Communication is Vital", she engaged us to identify communication, forms of social communication, and the impact of social media. We were divided into several groups and discussed in 5 minutes. It is important to set the time and to lead the discussion, because if we discuss in other forums, or more formal, there might not necessarily extra time.

From the discussion, we found different opinion in the appearance versus the content of effective communication. What if we don’t look attractive, but what we deliver and how we deliver are interesting, and the opposite. Let’s learn from Susan Boyle's video when she auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. At first, she acted silly, and everybody laughed and underestimated her, but when she sang, she impressed them. We think that Susan Boyle could act like that, because she was confident with her voice. It is the same with Storytelling, a storyteller have to be confident with what (s)he tell to others, uses body language, avoids self-underestimating words, such as ‘maybe’ and ‘happen to’, knows keywords that ‘sell’ and interesting, and uses informative and entertaining data. Besides, storytelling should be audience-based. In Susan Boyle's video, the audience's expectations are different from the stakeholders presented at the GMS.

There are many techniques or formulas to storytelling. One of them is:

Before  -> describe the world with problem A

After    -> imagine what it’d be like having problem A solved

Bridge  -> here’s how to get there

For example:

Canva, a platform that makes us easier to design. Well, how to storytelling with the above technique? We can start with:

Before -> Want to make design or presentation more interesting, but can’t use photoshop, corel draw, etc.

After    -> Need an application that makes you easier in designing

Bridge -> This is the solution, Canva! This platform is easy to use and has a variety of editable templates.

Don’t forget about the proportion of before-after-bridge (what we wants to highlight).

Effective communication is a two-way communication, exchanging information, and has the purpose of exploring and influencing knowledge, behavior, and view of others. Hence, we need feedbacks from audience after doing storytelling. To train our effective communication, Vania gave us brochures to be criticized. The brochure my group got was simple and has legible small fonts, but the placement of the image in the brochure was less precise.

In addition, we learnt about Elevator-pitch that exploit curiosity in a short time. She ever had done it when she had met Mr. President, Joko Widodo. Wow! She had gotten a chance to talk to him about her social enterprise, herSTARTIC. Eventhough Mr. President hadn’t bought the products at that time, but something suprising happened, he put Vania and her product’s photo in one slide of his presentation at Entrepreneurs Wanted!.

Thank you, Vania, for coming to Lampung and inspiring us. We get a lot of knowledge after a long day of class with you.