The Baby Barbie

Written by Vena 2016-05-06 07:12:16

Being one of AIYEP 2014-2015 participants would definitely be such an unforgettable life experience for me, indeed. It has been full of moments which wiped out all negative things I used relate with Australian people so far. Let me tell you one of precious moments that has changed my mind, it's called Barbie and Baby Party!

Before we start, I want to let you know that here in Australia I've been staying with a host family living around Mosman Park area as a part of the program. Lia and Matt are my parents, and Hannah is my cute little sister. Hannah is 6 months old, a lovely baby. On Saturday, November 8, 2014 we had a “Barbie”.  Whoops! You might think that Barbie is a name of pretty sexy doll. Nope, here in Australia Barbie refers to "Barbeque Party". Since we have a little baby in our family, Lia and Matt decided to invite some friends whose babies in their families, too, that day.  That's what this story is basically all about, a "The Baby Barbie Party".

During the party, we have also had a light 'discussion' about “scary drop-bear” and “koala-kebab” which are merely urban jokes, of course. Matt, my host Dad, cooked for us. On the other hand, a family friend, Robert, trained their children to swim. Trevor cuddled Hudson, his baby, under the sun. Mothers shared about life and baby’s things to one another. A lot of fun, love, and food were shared.  What a lovely day!

At that moment, I came to realize that Barbie is actually a moment which showcases the sharing and caring culture of the local people. A moment to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children, to encourage the spirit of being in the same neighborhood and friendship, and it also might be to 'fix' such a used-to-be-broken relationship. At that moment, I came to realize that Australians are really friendly, fun, and warm bunch of people to hang out with. Thank you for sharing your love and fun with me during the Barbie, guys!