The Beginning of the Upcoming Generation’s Hope South Sulawesi’s ‘Bright Up Your Future’

Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 11:13:30

     At the 9th of april 2016, Youthful.Social Chapter South Sulawesi successfully conducted its Satellite Event. The event under the theme of “Bright Up Your Future,” was conducted at GraPARI Telkomsel Makassar. The theme of “Bright Up Your Future” was based on a fundamental problem about youth, and its relations with the choices youth take in life and for their future.  Inviting several inspirational speakers and communities of Makassar, the event is hoped to be able to contribute of providing an understanding of what youth can contribute for South Sulawesi. South Sulawesi’s Satellite Event is known to be unique, as it combines several concepts such as community booths, Talk show, and several traditional dances and music, in a youth festival. The Satellite Event would not have been successful without the support and cooperation from the fellow sponsors, which are The Australian Embassy in Indonesia, Youth and Sports Department of South Sulawesi, Tourism and Creative Economic Department of Makassar, Musick Bus, Telkomsel, Loop, CV. Limput Jaya, Yayasan Kalla, Macazzart Indie Books, Revius, Opium, Amanah, Celebes TV, Soulmaks, Madama Radio, and Ve Channel.

     The opening ceremony was conducted at 15.30 WITA with several opening remarks, including from Andi Adini Thahira Irianti, S.H. as the Event Director, Dr. H. M. Muhlis, M.M. as the head of Youth and Sports Department of South Sulawesi, and Anne Dickson as representative of the Australian Consulate General in Makassar, and at the same time opening the event.  After opening the Satellite Event, the guests and participants were shown a traditional dance of South Sulawesi known as 4 Etnis, which represents the ethnic group of Makassar, Bugis, Toraja, and Mandar. The performers also used attributes of 4 colors, each representing the focus of Youthful.Social Chapter South Sulawesi, which are blue (education), pink (social contribution), green (environment), and yellow (art and culture). The 3 honorable guests then was invited to press a symbolic button that would officially mark the soft launch of the website.

      After the Satellite Event’s opening ceremony, the next event was Youth Talk under the theme of “Reflecting The Vital Role of Youth.” This talk show consisted of 4 guest speakers with differing backgrounds, and also that represents the vision and missions of Youthful.Social South Sulawesi, which are Muh. Rilo Mappangaja as owner of the Musick Bus, Rahmiani Rahman as the initator of Makassar’s Sahabat Berbagi Indonesia, Asriadi as founder of Makassar Berkebun, and Arif Rahman Dg. Rate as a young speaker of Sinrilik.

     The Youth talk was filled by approximately 100 participants, and was filled with inspirational stories of the guest speakers. Each explained of the challenges each faced in building their organization or community, which are now well known nationally. Though having different focuses, each guest speaker advocated the important and essential role of youth for a better Indonesia in the future. The problem of music piracy explained by Rilo, the faded care over local traditions explained by Arif, the issue of environment explained by Asriadi, and the issue of educational access by Rahmiani, all concluded that in each issue faced, the youth actually holds a vital role in solving it. Therefore, an awareness of youth to tackle those issues thus was needed, to be able to counter the hard waves of globalization and modernization. After the Youth talk, the participants were shown a traditional guest reception dance of South Sulawesi known as Paduppa. The dance was conducted by the young kids which have been taken cared of by the Save Street Child Makassar, a community with visions of helping provide a more positive lifestyle, and solve issues related to children of the streets in Makassar.

     Not only the Youth talk, South Sulawesi’s Satellite Event also was failed with live music performances by local musicians of Makassar. Live Music was brought by Soleluna Myxomata, Indonesian Drummer Makassar, and closed by Titik Bias. The Satellite Event also facilitated numerous communities through standing booths, as the community fair aspect of the event. The communities taking part were Earth Hour Makassar, Berbagi Nasi, Sokola Kaki Langit, Aksi Indonesia Muda, Sobat Bumi Makassar, Taman Indie Makassar, Makassar Berkebun, Gerakan 1001 Buku, and SIGI Makassar. The closing of South Sulawesi’s Satellite Event took place at 20.00 WITA and ended with awarding souvenirs for the communities that took part in the event.

by Rizki Said chapter South Sulawesi