The Door

Written by Hanny An S 2016-06-29 12:24:16

Every single thing in your surrounding does exist to give you life lesson, even a door. What can we expect more than experiencing closing and opening the door? You’ll know after finishing my following wordings.

As I lived in lodging house during my study in university in Semarang, I used to close the door of my bedroom whenever I left the room. And I’d open it when I was in the room, except when I slept. I believe that most of university students would do the same things, closing the door for security reason and opening the door for welcoming any next door friends to come. But somehow some next door friends would just knock or open the door to ‘distract’ your time and you would feel like having no privacy.

Thing goes different in OZ (Australia) where people really respect others’ privacy or business. You don’t have to close your door to show that you want your privacy, your friends or family will just know by seeing what you’re doing in your room and they will give you time. When you close the door, it means that you need extra time for yourself without any disturbance so that if there is no urgent thing to ask you, then they won’t do any.

One afternoon during my stay with Australian family in Perth, I found the weather was very nice. I decided to spend that afternoon outside with my housemate until the dinner time (the sky was still s bright but the dinner time just passed). My host sister was looking for my housemate and me then she found us in the backyard. She just said that we couldn’t have dinner together with our host mum because she had to go exactly after dinner and we just missed it. My host sister looked a bit annoyed then I asked her before to bed. My host sister thought that we were in our bedroom and were so busy with our own business as she saw that the door was closed. Yeah, I closed the door when I was spending the time in the backyard. I forgot that I was at home which was considered as safe enough so that I shouldn’t have closed the door, and I didn’t know that closing the door would mean that much for them, especially my host sister.

 Different place has different culture. Then I realized what to do with the door.