Written by Youthful Social 2016-06-30 20:29:31

Opening Act by Vistrad UI.

Master of Ceremony, Naluri, welcomed all the participants.

Ms. Alison Purnell, The Representative of Australian Embassy Jakarta officially launched as well as she delivered solidarity message for youth.

Another solidarity message from The Representative of Universitas Paramadina as well as a host for the event.

Official launching moment of WELCOME.

First Session of talkshow: Creative Writting. Mod: Andhika (Nylon Magazine), Speaker: Septryana (Founder and Helvi (Founder Forum Linkar Pena).

Second session of talkshow : Indonesia - Australia Relationship Through Youth Role. Mod: M. Fakhryrozi (Monash University Alumni), Speaker: Ahmad Almaududy Amri (Coordinator of Overseas Indonesian Student Alliance 2014-2015).

Third Session of Talkshow: Youth Contribution. Speaker: Ahmad Mujahid (Partnership Manager, Vadi Akbar (Young Talented Artist).

Presentation about 4GLTE by smartfren, one of the sponsor of this event.

YOUTH HANGOUT with several inspiring youth communities.

one of youth communities exhibition. 

Studen present was rocking on stage.

Prahasta delivered such a kind of good music.

Classmate journal presented the great acoustic music.

Here is the guest star, Adhitia Sofyan as well as the closing of the event.

The glimpse of team celebration.


Pictures taken by : Team (Munty, Shinta, Rani)