Traditional Banjar House: Where Culture and History Meet

Written by Wawan 2016-05-06 07:42:14

Banjarmasin. Yeah, we began our last phase of this marvelous program in this town, a town with a lot of amazements on offer. The floating market, Kembang Island and also traditional Banjar houses are some of these. Seeing another beautiful side of Indonesia has increased my pride to be a small part of this country. This time, I’d like to write a little bit about a traditional Banjar house that I visited last week as a part of my work placement activities.

Entering the area of Banjar houses was really amazing. You can directly see houses with lots of unique shapes and patterns, which show that Banjar people were really creative in the past. Stepping inside the house, we saw some photos that were taken in the 1920s, which told us about the history of the Banjar people. Some magic sticks, for example, that can stop snake attacks, sticks that are able to protect the house from fire and even a small tank where the Dayak people put human heads made us understand about their magical beliefs in the past. Other interesting things were a Netherlands water purifier, antique cups and traditional beds. That afternoon was an amazing experience for me.