When Passion Meets (No) Expectation

Written by Achie 2016-05-06 06:43:49

Expect the unexpected! Since the first time I landed in Perth, I’ve never set my own expectation. I just brought my passion and my sense of adventure. I was thinking of letting all the things flow naturally then I believe that it will be full of surprises.

It was on October 28th morning, I stood in front of a building in Beaufort Street, which later became my office for a week, RTR 92,1 FM. RTR is one of community and independent radio stations based in Perth which fully supports local and young musicians, and independent bands as well to express their musical enthusiasm.

Being an intern there, I’ve got several assignments, such as Music Director, Assistant Producer for Morning Show “Breakfast” with Peter Barr, a senior producer and presenter, CD Library Manager and a contributor for RTR FM’s website. One thing that impressed me is the fact that they give an open space to everyone having passion in music and broadcasting to become a volunteer in RTR FM. It was amazing that I got to meet many people from different backgrounds.

On my last day, the Editor surprisingly approved and published my story about AIYEP experience on their website headline. It meant a lot to me to get the space in one of the most famous independent radio stations in town. I was very thankful for that.

On the second week, I moved to another work place (exactly, I got two work places for Work Placement experience! Yay!). It was the biggest mass media company in Western Australia, The West Australian Newspaper. In fact, my lucky chain was calling me. It was quite different with my previous work place. It was more formal and serious. I spent two weeks working with dozens of super-hectic journalists in the ‘real’ Newsroom; reporting and writing. I learned so many things from the experts. My first story got published on The West Australian Newspaper, and it was really more than enough for me.

However, the best moment in “The West” was when the Senior Editor in Chief, Bob Crowne, invited me to his office in the middle of busy hours, and we had an enjoyable conversation. We talked a lot about Indonesia, journalism nowadays, young people issues, and also about Indonesia’s newly-elected President. I am looking forward to meeting him and the staff again in the near future. I believe that these experiences would be helpful for my future professional career. Thank you, AIYEP!