Youth Action, Invite Youth of West Java to Make a Movement

Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 10:08:37

        The day is coming.  After all the preparation we, as volunteers of Youthful Social chapter West Java, have done, Saturday morning, April 9th 2016 our launching was held in Taman Musik Centrum, Belitung Street, Bandung. This event was held in the same day with the other chapters of Youthful Social. There were in Banda Aceh, Bengkulu, Pangkal Pinang, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Ketapang, Makassar, Kendari, Ambon, and Jayapura.

        Launching Youthful Social chapter West Java which is titled “Youth Action” presented talk show about social communities with young outstanding speakers. They are M. Abdul Karim - executive director ‘Sahabat Pulau’, Panji Aziz Pratama – founder ‘Istana Belajar Anak Banten’ (Isbanban), and Anindya Restuviani – Project Officer Youth Creative ‘Save The Children’. Besides talkshow, we also held book submission for donation, entertaining performances, networking session, and the main point is absolutely launching Youthful Social chapter West Java.

       More than 50 participants which are youth attend this event. Most of them are representatives from their social communities in Bandung, such as Forum Mahasiswa Peduli Anak Bandung (Fompa), Komunitas Pensil Kertas, etc. The participants look spirited for this event especially in discussion about social communities and youth things.

     The moderator for the talkshow was Achie, one of supervisor in Youthful Social chapter West Java. The talks started with communities introduction by the speakers. Isbanban which was found by Panji is a study place for children which live in around Banten. Isbanban was created from a background that Banten is one of the most provinces with lowest education quality in Indonesia. That fact is such irony because Banten is geographically near DKI Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

      M. Abdul Karim as executive director of Sahabat Pulau shared a story that he got some advantages from being active in his community. Sahabat Pulau itself is an organization based on youth action focused on problem solving about education which is involve youth and children in Indonesia. Sahabat Pulau have an empowerment for women who live in coasts based on socio-entrepreneurship. The benefit told by Karim was he got a ride in the aircraft baggage from a friend he knew from this community for send a lot number of books to an area in Sulawesi.

     Anindya Restuviani, creative project officer of Save The Children Indonesia also introduce her organization. Save The Children have done their activities in 120 countries and in Indonesia they are lay from Aceh to Nusa Tenggara Timur in 12 provinces. This organization help children to get education access and good quality of health services, support them for any needs, and protect them from danger.

     In this talkshow, absolutely we provided question and answer session and discussion for participants. Some of them asked the speakers about how to develop their communities. The speakers’ highlights are actually as youth, we need to be more sensitive with our surroundings and take an action to help problems which are happen near us. We can make a movement or collaborate with the others. In the beginning, mostly we have to get fund ourselves to run our programs. But, in its way, short or long, if we can build a good networking, there are many helps for us and our communities. That’s why networking become one of essential things in develop communities.

      We and the participants feel amazed by listening the speakers and proud of them. Besides they join organizations actively, they also have many achievements in many fields, both national and international. Their story motivated the participants for learn more from them, seen from there were many participants discussed personally or in group with the speakers after the talkshow.

       The event was continued with the launch of Youthful Social chapter West Java. Siti Fuadilla as supervisor of Youthful Social chapter West Java explained about Youthful Social to the participants. Youthful Social itself is after program project which is initiated by alumni of Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia Australia 2014-2015. This project provide a creative website for youth to share ideas and issues about culture and youth things. The purpose is persuade Indonesian, Australian, and global youth to share messages that youth issues and culture are important elements for rising awareness and desire of youth to participate in future development actively.

      In this launching, we also explained how social communities and Indonesian youth especially in West Java can participate and use this website. We also welcome the youth who will be Youthful Social volunteer.

      After the launching, AIYA West Java’s representative who attended this event, introduce about AIYA. Similar to AIYEP, AIYA is non-government youth organization which is run by Indonesian and Australian Youth to create good relations between the two countries.

     Towards the end of the event, the euphoria is still full, supported by enthusiastic from the participants and the fine weather.  At the end, we came to some of the participants to know their impression about this event.

      Ayu, one of participants who came for Forum Mahasiswa Peduli Anak (Fompa) Bandung gave her opinion. “Movements like this (Sahabat Pulau, Rumah Belajar, Save The Children, Youthful Social) need to duplicated, whether we create a new one or make collaboration with the others. This event is also have many advantages, we can share information to each other”, she said. And then, the event is closed by taking a picture with speakers, performer, committee, and all of the participants.

      As volunteers, we were pleased this launching could run well. We wish Youthful Social become positive platform for the youth to help develop this country. And the most important is we are waiting for you to join us as volunteers of Youthful Social chapter West Java.

by Gracia Adiati chapter West Java