Youth in Motion

Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 10:49:03

     Semarang, - On Saturday (04/09/2016), Chapter Central Java in cooperation with the Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia Jawa Tengah (PCMI Jateng) held satellite event called "Youth in Motion". The theme if this event is "Kenali dirimu Kenali daerahmu". It presented  two speakers and three representatives of PCMI (Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia) Central Java. The event was held at the Office of Education Youth and Sports of Central Java Semarang. It is divided into three sessions and the participants are youth from different regions and universities in Central Java.

     The event was started with the game called Mingle Game (Pump-up) to engaged the participants. Participants are guided by the host in order to form a randomly group begins with a group of  3 people, 10 people  to 5 people and they took pictures together by the last  group  that they form contains 5 then they upload images into social media (either twitter or instagram) with the hashtag #AgentOfChange #Youthonthemove #YouthfulSocial #YSCentralJava. After the game ended, the event began with the speech from the Chairman of the Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia Jawa Tengah, Ali Murtadhonuri.

The following talk, entitled "Speak Up Through Social Media", performed by Hendy Pratama, Public Relations of the State University of Semarang, which has a myriad of achievements, including Alumni AIYEP 2005 - 2006, the Higher Education Master Scholarship University of Queensland, 1st Tourism Ambassador Java, Finalists the Scholar Indonesia Metro TV, and the Australia Indonesia Knowledge Exchange Programme 2012. At this session informed that many young men who do not use social media well, and therefore the presence of such activities is expected that youth can perform useful post through social media and not to post things that are not qualified, such as: the turmoil that was popular some time ago, to reveal the contents of which are sad, heartbroken or angry. It was very annoying for readers or followers of us, because it is useless. “Are those people who cranky or angry that you code in  will understand that status is supposed to them, if you need to express your feeling then  talking directly to them rather than updates such useless things  in social media that there is no benefit, is that annoying?" said mas Hendy Primary.

The second session is In Depth Sharing Session of PCMI Central Java with the theme "How to Be Youth Ambassador". This session begins with a game of PCMI Central Java, namely Ulfah, dhito, and Dwiyan called Trading Game. In this game, the participants formed into groups consisting of 7 persons. Each group plays a role as a country consisting of a president and ministers. These countries represented by each group must be able to cooperate with other countries through diplomacy with the export or import of goods with other countries. Furthermore, representatives of PCMI Java expose their activities as an ambassador for the country in youth exchanges between countries which they did in 2015 ago in various countries, such as Japan and India, there Dhito alumni from SSEAYP that shows video ceremonial departure while singing some of the national anthem Indonesia.

At noon, a youth talk was closed by Hanny Anisatu Suriya, Australia Indonesia Youth Ambassador Exchange Program in 2014, with the theme of "Let's Make a Move". This session begins with the launch of the website of In this session, described the beginning of the establishment that are platform initiated by the alumni of Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2014/2015 and supported by the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. This platform is a forum for sharing messages, knowledge, ideas, stories about current issues via the website (, social media, and community. The purpose of this platform is to encourage young people in Indonesia, Australia and Global to actively participate in the future development through action and collaboration. Followed by an explanation of how the role of youth is supposed to move directly as an agent of change. As a final result of this talk is youth participants were asked to make an article or post them in following the activities of Youth in Motion is in their social media. The participants are very excited with this event from beginning to end that finally there is a sort of mini-game sessions by Kak Hanny to engaged the participants who survived to the end to be able to further participate in youth activities such as these, more particularly Youthful.Social Chapter Central Java, may there will be a next event that requires volunteers or participants to enable them to join in the event, or just simply share experiences to keep on good terms with event participants of "Youth in Motion", the partisipan very excited to see that video.

by Arno Johan chapter Central Java