Youth Talkshow “Road to a Contributing Youth”

Written by Youthful Social 2016-05-12 15:15:29 is initiated by alumni of Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program Batch 2014/2015. One of its events, which is called satellite event, is a social event which was held in 11 cities in Indonesia under various theme including youth issues, health, education, youth and culture empowerment, as well as creating youth community in the field of social and education as one of the output of this program.
     Satellite event in Ketapang is talk show which was held by cooperating with Kepatang English Community (KEC) by inviting three main speakers. The first speaker is Mr. Sounihar, S.E. as the actor and observer of art and culture in Ketapang region, West Kalimantan. The second speaker is Mrs. Mia Pratiwi, S.Pd. as the alumni of Malaysia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (IMYEP) 2010/2010, she is one of national pioneer who successfully create volunteering-based community called Komunitas Aku Belajar in Pontianak.


     This event is located at Citimall Ketapang, on Saturday, 9th of April 2016 at 1 PM – 5PM. This talk show run smoothly and was entertained by some dances such as Melayu traditional dance performed by SMAN 3 Ketapang, the syair gulung performed by MAN ketapang and SMKN 2 Ketapang, as well as acoustic songs performed by SMA Muhammadiyah. The first speaker discussed about youth and arts. It is very closely related to the youth as the chain of the next generation of a culture. He urged that it is very important to learn and demonstrate one or more local cultures as part of art preservation  and promotion to other part of the world. In essence, art and culture is the identity of a region, nation and homeland, as a generation, we must understand the cultural roots that exist in our region, particularly the Ketapang district in West Kalimantan.
     The second speaker talked about the role of youth in pioneering activities, especially in the field of education in West Kalimantan and how to set up a volunteering-based community that can successfully give contribution directly to the society in the form of social activities, such as teaching the underprivileged children, held an auction of used goods to be donated to children who need education, etc.
     Meanwhile, the third speaker talked about the process of becoming a high achiever. It takes a strong determination in living, patience and a willingness to learn more from others. We can start from small things such as join a community or organization, following a good race as a team or individually to refine the soft skills that we have such leadership, public speaking and time management. This can only be started by having strong willingness to learn. In addition, the speaker also encourages young people to pursue education both master and doctorate levels because the Indonesian government has made it easier through scholarships affirmation administered by LPDP for young people in under-developed area and are ready to return to their hometown upon the completion of their study.
     He asserted that every path we take and fought there must be hurdles and obstacles, both external and internal factors, such as family. The solution of these obstacles can be the responsibility and trust that we keep and maintain. A self-proof  is extremely valuable for us to perform any changes in ourselves.
     Let's act, it is time for us to be well-educated and prosperous with its diversity in  arts and culture and natural wealth in this Kayong Land. The availability of employment for the community, keep forests by stopping illegal logging, rivers protected from pollution and waste, as well as raising clean awareness in society by putting rubbish to where it belongs. It is a communal responsibility. Let's develop ourseleves by creating or joining community or group or organization that can make a difference for us personally and socially. As mentioned in an old proverb that "Many hands make light the same weight in the tote". 

By: Nuzulul Dwi Utami chapter West Kalimantan