YOUTHFUL.SOCIAL in United States : Ready for collaboration!

Written by Youthful Social 2016-09-26 22:05:44

Yeaaaay… is now in Uncle Sam Country, United States. It is the time to introduce to other countries, such as US and ASEAN Countries during Young South-East Asian Leader Initiative (YSEALI) Fall program 2016 in University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst. were given a chance to delivere the projects done and future project. It initiates some ideas of collaboration with other young people in ASEAN as well as in US.

Moreover, we proudly announce that we successfully got agreement with Director of Civic Initiative, Prof. Michael Hannahan, to start partnership as media partner within and UMass Civic Initiative. We hope this opportunity can expand the horizon of and civic initiative program in implementing civic engagement and community development. Some sort of activities have been done by one of project manager in UMass during program.

And we are now looking forward for further collaboration and movement for better understanding and future development in Indonesia, United States and ASEAN!

Fly high,!